Happy Food!

10:59 AM

There's ice cream and chocolates often called comfort food, why? it makes us happy! For one reason it makes us forget worries, anger or sadness. I don't have sweet tooth so I often eat chocolates unless someone gave me a lot. For chocolates I'm into wafer coated like Kitkat and Samba which are inexpensive!Also those with fruits and nuts for the expensive ones like Cadbury fruits and Nuts, almonds or macadamia chocolates.. not a fan of dark chocolates. So this weekend I bought my own version of comfort food minus the ice cream.

Samba chocolate, nestle yogurt! (who says it taste bad?) mixed fruits, leaf green tea in lychee and yakult (all time favorite since I was a kid)

fruits - melon, honeydew, watermelon, green apple, fuji apple and orange, 120 per kilo with sweetener
맛있다 delicious!

Live life to the fullest.. stay Happy at least!

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