Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Marx and updates!

First post of 2014..  been busy doing school plates, INCinema, CBI (org)
1 month to go before end of my last semester.. :`( gonna miss school, classmates slash friends
wish I could stay longer..

- Camille and Renan got married

- I was nominated for Darnay.. yey! alongside Celvic, Sharaya, Mean, Kyle, Ray and master Romeo who won the recognition... it's an honor to be nominated and I know there's still room for improvement..

- Graduation on April 28

- We're making MTV for FA141

- Session road in bloom (Panagbenga)

Sketch gift for the newly weds

Panagbenga float

Marx' cake

MTV set up

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sayonara 2013.. Ohayo 2014!

Daming na namang nangyari.. last sem na.. lumindol, bumagyo, nalaman kong sobrang acidic na ko, INCinema, dumami kaibigan-new sisters!, new housemate, Art workshop, Graduation photoshoot, FArty,

All is well!

I'm home..

Happy New Year :)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Blogging Bogoshipo... E Bogoshipo...

3 years of fine arts and I'm on my last sem..


parang kelan lang nangarap ako na makapasok sa UP..

makapag-aral ng Fine Arts..

Kung yun ibang mga tao nangangarap na yumaman o maging sikat..

Ako simple lang...


Tsaka maging masaya...

Zashikibuta as Dalagang Filipina

One of my paintings for Production Methods I aka mini thesis

Thursday, March 7, 2013

One year! Almost...

Yes that's almost a year I haven't post anything on my blog.. busy?hmmm.. too much FB, one.. hooked to korean dramas, two.. school is another..

What's up?

Second semester is almost over.. celebration for my birthday and new year passed.. tons of plates I haven't posted.. quite busy nowadays.. two weeks left before vacation and we moved again to QC... Made a lot of adjustments, it's been 13 years since I lived away from my family.

with this post, I wanna share my last plate on Painting..

Self portrait
Oil on Canvas
techniques used: Imprimatura, Sgraffito, Impasto

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Summer break Arts

At school we are oblige to draw at least once a week but during this summer break I'm too lazy to make one.. WRONG! I should really push myself if I want to be good on it.. thus, friends' wedding or relatives' birthday is a great way to venture my skills..

star gazer on canvas bag

fruits gift for my cousin 
Acrylic on canvas

sketch for the newly wed

These are just ramdom.. because I've lots of free time.. 

spring flowers
watercolor on canson paper

watercolor on canson paper

my fave bread! from Breadtalk.. when in HK I found the same thing in Taipan

Feel the summer! hope it won't end without going to the beach.. :)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

First year is over..roller coaster ride!

Yesterday is the last day of school, well for those who doesn't have liabilities.. I survived my first year of being a fine arts student, it's hard but a hell lot of fun.. Working hard on a plate or assignment and being praised with all your artworks is priceless. I wouldn't exchange anything for this unless it's related :)

Bear with these pictures as this will tell all than my talking.

Session in Bloom is an annual part of Panagbenga celebration in Baguio City, session road is close for a week for tenants of food, RTW, crafts, arts, etc. Ms. Liz, our mentor together with UP fine arts students offers henna, face painting and arts for sale.. I volunteer to do face painting, I love kids and i like to see them smile and happy..

Some pictures of the cutest and adorable kids I met...

I will never forget Andrei! so cute and very polite kid..

They love this cat



another one

unsold canvas, I made this one

sold to a friend

Garapata man was invited for a talk.. and to initialize the graffiti on FA building

he drew garapata on my canvas bag

Final plates for 2nd sem

edible art, so ephemeral.. it became hazy red.. Inspired by little mermaid

Impressionism 16x20" acrylic
strawberry shortcake and blueberry cheesecake, I'll miss this 3 ladies!

saw dust, cast of my father, title: Chess Master

self portrait 14x20" , poster paint

Impressionism landscape 16 x 20 " Acrylic on canvas

Final plate on Techniques, we need to incorporate our favorite cartoon character in one of the Filipino Painting, I chose Simon Flores Y Dela Rosa " Feeding the Chickens"

Dela Rosa's Feeding the Chickens

my version titled " Ma, anong ulam?"

My amateur artist statement :
If there is a record to track the most uttered word I used since I was a kid, it was the word “Ma”. “Ma, anong ulam? (Mom, what's our viand?)” is an expression I am used to say whenever I woke up, came from school or church. The painting reflects me and my relationship with my mother, as a young girl who always wanted to be on her side, curious of what she is doing, asking questions and trying to mimic the daily chores at home. Zashikibuta is sanrio character first introduced to me 15 years ago, when a friend gifted me a complete set of this pastel colored stationaries. Zashi is a curious but laidback pig, who loves to eat, spends his days making food such as sweets and growing vegetables, also born on the same year as mine, it became my codename from then on. I love zashi as much as I love my mom’s cooking. Being an obsolete character in Sanrio’s store I want to inform people that this is not just an ordinary pig, he still exist and I exist, it embodies me. The painting will also serve as a remembrance, not only of this dainty character but also of my cherished memories with my mother.

detail rooster

As the sem ends, we wanted to go out together, wherever our feet bring us, whatever food we like to eat.. random things.. unplanned trip..

we first ate lunch/snacks at Vocas, OMG(Oh! my gulay) resto-vegetarian.. been eating here for a week and never tired of their scrumptious food.. went to Burham park, ride the roller coaster/ferris wheel , played like kids at the park, ride see saw and swing, rent and ride power ranger colored bikes till sunset, ate desserts at Viscoz then another snack of street food..

Some of them decided to transfer in Manila, some will stay, well I guess it's inevitable, we need to think what's best for us.. they are my friends and I will support them.. Goodluck!

FA2011-sayonara :)