Sunday, October 26, 2014

Challenge Accepted! Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer Challenge

Last week my friend Lyshan invited me to join Matrix 8-Inch Cut for Cancer ChallengeIt was organized by Matrix, a famous salon brand in the country, David’s Salon and Khyte Ateneo, a foundation that provides psychosocial support to pediatric cancer patients.  

My aunt who passed away has breast cancer and now I have a cousin who is currently suffering the same illness, aside from financial, emotional and spiritual support. what else I could help others?

Such a waste whenever I had haircut before and I always hope I could donate them. Finally there's a way.

8" is long, last time I had shoulder length hair was 2011 and recently I had my 3" cut at David's salon but it was for a good cause so I said YES!

October 25 we were schedule at 11 am, came exactly on time at SM block good thing my friend was already there she has our number and zip lock bags. The place was jumpacked! I'm excited and nervous at the same time after 3 years I'm doing it again.

I always go to David's for hair trim or few layering and to Tony and Jackey for shorter hair cut. There's ups and downs when finding hairstylist I like and I had few unlikely experience so I'm quite skeptical about who's going to cut it.

Hair ideas posted on their website

When my number was called I'm seated on extra chair-no mirror so it'll be a surprise result. I told my stylist Arnold to have it layered shoulder length with sided bangs, how short? as long I could tie it in pony tail.

Mandatory photo op before haircut

Lyshan's hair! longer than mine

Ruler comes handy to make sure it's 8 inches

How Brave! ok inside the ziplock bag my precioussss

Go on do your magic

Annyeong Hair.. hope it makes one child happy

with Arnold of David's Salon Ali Mall Branch- Highly Recommended Stylist :)

Blower is not working so it took more than 30 minutes but definitely worth the wait! Great job Arnold, love my new hairstyle.. got lots of compliments and It took 5 years off my age.. haha

Chatime! short bonding with Ly becasuse of some errands no time for lunch

Love our new hairdo, glad to help.. 

Check their website or facebook page for more information on how to donate. Transform your look as you help little cancer patients transform their lives. There will be some announcements tomorrow October 27, 2014. watch for it.

Do some random act of kindness :)

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sablay+Wedding+Challenge accepted!

8 months? what's up? Warning it'll gonna be a LONG post..

Looking back.. I must say that I am proud of my achievements. With modesty aside, I finished my 2nd course on Certificate in Fine Arts (Visual Arts) Finally one of long time dream came true. It didn't stop me from reaching this goal. Of course with the help of my parents and His answer from an endless devotional prayers.

April 27-28, 2014

Baccalaureate and Graduation

Tribute to parents - this is what our Baccalaureate is all about, here we recognized our parents for all the support they've given us. Months from this date I sold my set of 4 strawberry series painting to kuya Wyrlo. As our OUR head said "Alangan hingin nyo pa sa magulang nyo un pambabayad sa token" so the only way I can get money is by selling my paintings. They were generous enough for me to afford the Sablay and the token.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank my brother. He also helped a lot. Love you bro! :)

My mom was crying here.. She remembered the time when I was in 1st grade when I transfer my 10+ medals and now I did it again.. The medal was from my first course and the token (oble trophy)

2014 Batchmates

Sumablay din sa wakas!

May 16, 2014 

Sheena and Jeffrey's Wedding

Sheena is like a sister, her family adopted me when I need a place to stay in Baguio.

M another sister/bestfriend.. Sheena's older sister 

Gorgeous Bride and Bridesmaid

Selfie with the bride so how do you call it?  XP

May 27, 2014 

Charlwin and Rose Ann Wedding

Charlwin is my cousin from mother's side. 4th time I did the wedding invitation from a relative and close friend.

Family picture.. Welcome Ann to our big (literally) family :P

Simple invitation as requested, done in photoshop with watercolor effects

May-July 2017 

INCinema 2014

Charge it to experience. one of the lessons learned in INCinema. I started joining the production year 2011, met new friends, learned about films, directing, etc. It was not easy to make a film with amateur actors and minimal budget. This is a voluntary work in the Church and it helps the brethren become more active and steadfast in their faith. Results are out visit sadly we we didn't made to top 20 but then again you can't exchange anything from the experience we get.

July 27, 2014 

INC Centennial Celebration

A very special day for us members of the Church of Christ. The experience inside the 55, 000+ seating capacity of Philippine Arena was indescribable. Blessed to have witness this memorable moment.

Happy 100th Anniversary to all brethren around the world.

September 12, 2014 

JL and Bing Wedding

Ate Bing is my "kababata" and neighbor since I'm not even born. JL is an animator and both fans of animes specially Rei Ayanami.   

cool invitation by the Groom

love her cherry blossom inspired church arrangement

Bride's beautiful family (2 sisters not included) Ate bing is the youngest.

September 20, 2014

Ate Luzelle surprise bridal shower

As the first maid of honor, I won't let the day pass without having Bridal shower. She had two hen party from abroad. With the help of peachy another bridesmaid and Gigi her wedding planner we had this event and it's a success.

I'm assigned to make this sash and the guest ribbons

Tada! it was fun night. PG type of fun Gigi's daughter and the groom are with us though lol

September 26, 2014

Hugo and Luzelle Wedding

Whenever I dream of wedding this is it. It was a very solemn and fun wedding. I was holding back my tears during the ceremony.. it was hard specially I did't have hanky. I got to meet Hugo's family and they were really nice I even got their british accent during their two weeks stay. (Hi Steve and Shraddah) To see their SDE video click this link hugo and luzelle

Family picture with the newly weds and grandma

what else I could gift them.. my thoughtfulness! :)

Maybe I could do a separate post for her wedding. There are more stories to tell. Can't wait for the pictures to come out.

September 27, 2014

My __ birthday

We're still staying at Crosswind hotel that time.. I celebrate it with my brother and new family.Visited Sky Ranch and rode the Sky eye then watch some mimers.  It was simple but after that I got to travel to Baguio and celebrate it with some friends-the Korean style way :)


Sky eye with bro and peachy

Annyeong haseyo! (they look koreans but the truth is they are part chinese and japanese)
Korean palace kung jeon

Whew! that was long.. enough to make up for the months I haven't been blogging. Looking forward for the coming months BER months.. 


Saturday, March 1, 2014

Graduation... X2

Ilang buwan mula ngayon muling aakyat nanaman ng entablado..
Naalala ko pa nung huling graduation.. Araneta Coliseum, guest speaker ang pangulo.. Swerte kasi di ako doon sa tuktok ng Araneta nakaupo.. espesyal na araw yaon kasi hindi lang kumpleto ang pamilya ko kundi aakyat din ako ng entablado..

Ipinagmamalaki ko yon hindi dahil sa matalino ako o dahil sa "gifted" daw ako..
Ipinagmamalaki ko yon dahil sa wakas nagbunga ung aral, bahay, church kong buhay..
na naging worth it ang mahal na bayad ng mga magulang ko sa tuition fee ko..
At dahil ipinagmamalaki ako ng pamilya ko..

Nagtrabaho ng ilang taon..

Parang may kulang..minsan pag nangarap ang tao hindi yon titigil hanggat di nya yon nakukuha..Nangarap din ako.. simple ang ilan doon ay ang makagraduate sa kursong gusto ko at sa Unibersidad na pangarap ko..

Fine Arts at UP

Kaya ilang buwan mula ngayon.. matutupad na ung pangarap kong iyon..

Ang saya at ang lungkot..

Kaya pala magandang magaral sa UP kasi hindi lang ako natututo sa mga instructor at libro.. pati sa mga kaklase ko.. dito, lahat ng estudyante matatalino.. walang sinabi ang pagiging with honors ko..

At kahit ano pang sabihin nila kung bakit pa ako nag aral ulit.. dahil masaya ako.. pangarap ko ito..
Maswerte ako dahil suportado ng pamilya.. at alam nila at pinagdaanan ko kaya pinagbigyan nila ako..

One of the best decision I've ever made..

Hindi ako nagsisisi.. sana nga dati ko pa ginawa.. pero may dahilan lahat..

Ang lungkot kasi kahit gusto ko pang magstay dito kailangan na ding magtrabaho ulit..

Mamimiss ko lahat!

Salamat UP.. Salamat sa mga instructor.. Salamat classmates.. Salamat sa pamilya ko..

Salamat po sa IYO..

Oblation 2014 :)

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Happy Birthday Marx and updates!

First post of 2014..  been busy doing school plates, INCinema, CBI (org)
1 month to go before end of my last semester.. :`( gonna miss school, classmates slash friends
wish I could stay longer..

- Camille and Renan got married

- I was nominated for Darnay.. yey! alongside Celvic, Sharaya, Mean, Kyle, Ray and master Romeo who won the recognition... it's an honor to be nominated and I know there's still room for improvement..

- Graduation on April 28

- We're making MTV for FA141

- Session road in bloom (Panagbenga)

Sketch gift for the newly weds

Panagbenga float

Marx' cake

MTV set up

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sayonara 2013.. Ohayo 2014!

Daming na namang nangyari.. last sem na.. lumindol, bumagyo, nalaman kong sobrang acidic na ko, INCinema, dumami kaibigan-new sisters!, new housemate, Art workshop, Graduation photoshoot, FArty,

All is well!

I'm home..

Happy New Year :)