Sayonara 2011, Ohayo 2012!

1:55 PM

Happy New Year! I'm back from my 3 days vacation in Manila, Cavite and Pampanga.. whew! attended the event of This is Kadiwa, met my cousins and 2nd cousins there, mingle with some brethren and did some activities, a 3-day fun and successful event. Attended YES of Dau last tuesday and Baguio yesterday. Now we're preparing for a mini party with our neighbors, we'll have games, raffles and karaoke.

huge signage outside the World Trade Center

Random things this December

some of the gifts I received from my cousin, Chevy

super love it!, love lipgloss and makeup

gift I gave to FA party

closer look, inspired from Cornetto ice cream commercial

other side, since her codename is Johnny Bravo

did some invitations for cousin's wedding

Hoarded some Korean products from a convenience store @ Woodland Resort

like sticky rice coated with chocolate

cracker nuts

tea, taste bland but it's Hyun Bin anyway

roasted laver/seaweed

Krispy Kreme! I miss this! :p

cheap Korean fastfood, I ordered Bibimbap

Laver from Japan, my students helped me understand how to cook it-there's drawing at the back though, just to be sure :)

my gift to special one.. ssshhh!

2011 has been good to me, I'm blessed this year, got my two wishes granted-to study fine arts and to have a online part-time job.. the other one is kinda complicated but I'm happy even without it..I'm looking forward to this coming year and hopefully these blessings will continue to pour unto us.. Happy New Year to all!

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