Arts update...

2:58 PM

Quite busy this month.. tons of plates to do.. I even have to temporarily close my job schedule for this coming month...

2nd sem is all about colors..

finally I bought Prang watercolors

paper bill - watercolor

Sumi-e inspired, wet on wet watercolor - the hyphen char is wrong, I apologize :)

En plein air - chalk pastel

flowers in a glass jar - chalk on felt paper

made a necklace out paper fold and wires- for Phil trad subject and it won a GC

this is legit- 150 pesos GC worth of meal in Cusina Camacho (school's canteen), where I discovered the most delicious egg pie I ever tasted..

Plates for Viscom on Balance




Rhythm plate # 3 non-representational

Rhythm plate # 4 representational

Plaster of Paris-DNA that looks like corals

Some of my favorite food- lunch at Hidori Resto


California Maki


That's it! wrapping up the month of January.. I'm looking forward this february.. very excited, FA week, hopefully I could go on our field trip, my cousin and uncle's homecoming...


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