Officially Enrolled!

7:37 PM

Yes, after enduring the TDT test+other exams, climbing the stairs back and forth/legs are aching right now/, long hours of waiting in line, I'm finally enrolled! - It's only the beginning!

It's my dream to study in UP and to take fine arts... with a brave heart and determination at last I made it!
after __ years I'm back to being a freshman again.. need to recharge my brain, been stuck for a while.. Goodluck!

This week I...

-learned how to knit... Korean reality tv's influence, watching them knitting and making scarfs makes me curious how to make one.. besides we have needles that was long time disregarded..

fuchsia and navy blue are the only yarns available.. I plan to make scarf so I need lots of yarns with decent colors

-bought and tried another lipbalm..
LIPICE - 89.00

love the flavor, reminds me of a candy I used to buy in 7-11

- received the Moringa-O package, prize from Jill's contest

Contains soap, body lotion and Hype cologne (citrus smell)

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