FA Class first week

10:36 PM

1st week is over, I met my classmates and made new friends, they are way younger than me.. they can't help but call me "ate" I opt not to.. so this is how it feels when I call my classmates and officemates ates and kuyas huh?!

For FA 10 - 1st day we just present our class card and then dismissed..
- 2nd meeting was fun, group in 2s and draw blind contour while asking your partner some questions. My partner is Sen he's only 15.. by his looks and the way he talks I believe he's a talented student.. His eyes went big just like in cartoons when I told him my age.. haha

FA10 - Like other classes, discussions started on second day. We did a 10 pt value scale, then assignments for volumetric shapes (below)

I got 3 other subjects -Art History, Philippine Art and Materials I

This would be the easiest week I'll ever have.. next time will be busier.. Glad that I don't need to take all my GE's again.. wheew!


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