Pasiklaban 2011+Marmie's Evolution

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As part of the Annual Lantern parade or Pasiklaban 2011 at UP Baguio, all Fine arts freshmen are required to make Higantes or Giants. Our batch was so lucky because the administration funded the materials, they also constructed trolley so we can carry them during the parade. We started the project 20 days ago, given the theme : 50 Taon ng Dangal at Kagalingan; UP Baguio Ipagpatuloy ang Nasimulan!”The event aims to unify the whole UP Baguio community which includes the administration, faculty, staff, alumni and students for the celebration of the Yuletide season. This year’s Pasiklaban also intends to highlight the university’s 50th anniversary. Being said we were given different decades as the theme for our Higantes starting from 60s up to 21st... Our group was assigned to 80s-Madonna's inspired era.

This is how we created Marmie (we named her Marmie, just ramdom thought of my classmate Ace) don't know if it's a mixed of Madonna and Barbie :P

we first build her armature, made from wires, chicken wires, plastic straw, bamboo, lots of packaging tape, nails (all we think that can make her sturdy) then covered her with (paper mache) newspapers, glue and starch (it's cheaper)

making her rock guitar-Paper mache

She was 10 feet tall, so high that we need to climb to the 2nd floor to paint her head

Painted white latex to newspapers

Painted her skin color

Adding the accessories+hair+dress+shoes and face details

oble necklace
UP logo earrings

80s star
stars on her trolly

Guitar details

TADA! Introducing our very own MARMIE!

3 strong men are required to bring her up to the plaza

Displayed at the plaza a day before the parade

Day of the Event-December 16, 2011

marching band c/o BCNHS

Preparing before the parade

during the parade

Opening the program with fireworks and lanterns


one of my favorite shots, Oble's looking at the flying lantern

Oble after the oblation run

My groupmates and instructor

FA 2011

All the hard-work paid off, we got 1.0 perfect score grade for our first plate.. It's holiday break right after the event, now we can relax.. we all deserve it :)

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