2nd Sem! All about colors!

4:22 PM

Whew it's been 2 months since I last blog, been busy doing plates and my part time job.. What did you missed last sem? Scroll down to keep up

my comic strip for this cover

paper mirror

self portrait 12X18 poster color

eagle 12X18 dry brush poster color

for Philippine Art - Cubism based on "Maria Clara" by Sil

clouds watercolor wet on wet

"Kalsada"(street) terracotta

Sumi-e ink

Final Plate for Materials 1 - Hanging mobile

2nd Sem - it's all about colors - Techniques II

still life - pencil color

portrait pencil color

segue... to entice you...:P

Choco pie! yummy ♥

seedless grapes ♥ fruits

fried oreo!hmmm failed but still yummy ♥

been addicted to Japanese drama and one of them is Lunch Queen.. which features one of the popular Japanese food - Omurice - fried rice with chicken, mushroom., bell pepper, mushroom wrapped in beaten egg.

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