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My quest for Korean dishes doesn't ends with Kimchi, Kimbab and Ramyun. When dining at Korean resto one of our favorite order is Samgyupsal or pork belly (like bacon) it costs 200 pesos for 200 grams of pork. The new store we discover sells pork belly and other ingredients on Korean dishes, another dish we bought is for topokki or dduboki (sweet and spicy rice cake)


pork belly costs 280 for a kilo, imagine the difference!

fry it, no oil used.. the fat itself is enough to cook it

served with lettuce and seasoning

Topoki sweet and spicy sauce with rice cake

Rince/soak in cold water or , this rice cake is as hard and difficult to separate when not rinsed well,
- on a pan put some oil (I used the pork belly oil) add some garlic and onion
- mix cabbage and sauce
-add some water

wolah!! my home made Topokki!

Add some side dishes! Kimchi! Yummy! 맛있다

Happy eating!!!;p

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  1. Sis, dito ba Baguio mo binili mga ingredients? San mo nabili sis? I wanna try this. Hubby and I are getting more and more interested with Korean dishes and I'd rather cook it at home.

    Lots of love,

  2. yup! anong building un malapit sa session? maliit na mall lng may metrobank sa loob.. pasok ka dun sa 1st floor tas kaliwa..Korean Store un..or dun sa tabi ng duck pin bowling center meron din..


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