Art of the day:The other half 2

2:45 AM

I've finished the other half, it's been 4 days since the other one.. It's a special painting for my cousin for her new house and the painting itself has deep meaning if you'll analyze it..

Saranghe "Separated by Time"
it's kinda animated i don't want it to look too serious, though the meaning is a little bit deep and meaningful


lantern with Hangul writing "Sa"

lantern with Hangul writing "rang"

lantern with Hangul writing "he"
add them together and you'll get Saranghe means i love you without the "yo" hangul-it became my trademark nowadays

and when you put them together... now does it make sense??? you'll propably say "AHhhhhh!"

The two paintings I've done... The girl in spring day where flower blooms and the boy in winter day with snow and lantern sign of holidays...They're separated by time and in order for them to meet you need to put them together.. :)

Hope she likes it... hope you like it too!

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