Art of the day: The other half

1:06 AM

I called it the other half because it's a two-piece art that I'm doing for my cousin. She asked if I could give her some painting for her house. If I'm done with the other half, it will make sense why..

workplace..messy but who cares??

Bogoshipa (I miss you) part of "Separated by Time"

details.. my signature and some hangul letters..

fyi it's a girl dressed in a gown, some mushrooms just to break the dullness of the background-using acrylic, it's really hard to mixed the color I want

with flash...

I'm supposed to make one large painting but the size of canvass I want is out of stock, then I decided to make 2 pieces for 1..confused?? just wait till I finish the other one.. for now I need to relax and bring the mood watching

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