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12:09 AM

I made another set of my version California Maki... look how big those crab legs.. mango is so sweet with some lettuce for additional texture.. I'm getting better and better in making one.. plan to make kimbab tomorrow.. now that I discover another Korean store sells the ingredients way cheaper than in supermarket, not only I can make kimbab but also Japchae and toppoki.. yummy!!

looks delicious! overflowing with mangoes

excess ingredients-make it a salad!

finally my vaseline roadtrip prize arrived!

no sunblock??that's ok, summer has ended and I need this badly because my skin darkened when we went tripping around Ilocos.. I've been using it for a week and so far it was good! It smells nice and it's non-sticky!
Thanks Vaseline and thanks Ada!

Me and bro watched Eclipse last July 2, lucky him he won a t-shirt and I got a thank you note!

I'm inspired to draw again, so i bought this watercolor pencil-my old one was nowhere to find

Purederm mask in aloe vera, I've already tried strawberry, grapes and the one with vitamins(?)
Very soothing and it does make your skin softer.. i use them once a week

My second bottle, I stopped using garnier because of breakouts maybe the weather? I use this for protection because of SPF though some people think it isn't necessary to use it here because it's colder and sun isn't always shining I still think face needs protection.. rays aren't filtered by clouds..di ba?

voracious eater?? nah! I'm controlling it! but can't help to crave for this local chocolate..CLOUD 9! and the white one is from a Korean store, rice pop cracker
and lastly corn flakes!

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