Haul and Freebies!

8:00 PM

I remember when we're still kids, we always buy ice candy at K-4, neighbor, an elder who makes yummy cocoa flavored ice candy also in college we used to make and sell some.. I like ice cream more than ice candy, one of the reason-I'm prone to tonsillitis-later will become cough-cold-then fever! But when I tried this ice candy bought on Korean store! it's a love at first bite!

it's already empty! is hot a while ago before it rained!
Bubblegum flavor around 60 pesos-quite expensive, because it's imported

Strawberry Milk! Love anything with strawberries! except jam-it's too sweet!

Lastly grab your free Oreo! I already got mine at nearest 7-11..

Share an oreo!! http://shareoreo.com/

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