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While waiting for internet connection I decided to create my new last! though it's not what I wanted to be, it's okay..

Pictures shows some of my drawing, painting, travel and me doing the art..

Random facts..

- When I'm still a kid, not studying yet - I used to draw stick people, houses, trees etc. and my mom scolded me when I drew a stick girl on our cabinet using a Permanent Marker...take note permanent..
- My first painting was when I'm 10 y/o when I draw Ka Pilar M D 's face.. when I saw her face, it was so beautiful so I drew it... they knew I have such talent...(I have drawn lots of faces, some are for gifts others are just models and artist)
- I joined art club in grade 4 at NEES, when my teacher saw my drawing and colors using crayola they recommend me to use oil pastel, since then I've joined countless on the spot drawing contest.. school and outside the school...some win most of the time I lose but everytime I join is an experience and exposure.. I got to learn techniques and styles from other.
- It continued till HS- I was once the artist of the year from our school and my ultimate competitor is my best friend, she's way better than me but she started late because I need to push her and tell her she got talent..
- In college I consider it grand slam when I won all on the spot poster making contest every year for Linggo ng Wika.. although I transfered school for fourth year I still grab 1st place and won cash prize!
- I did not study formal arts in school-I'm still hoping I could!

some of my works-I love drawing people's face, 1st one is supposed to be aubrey's face using chalk pastel, 2nd-"Gay Cristine" gift for her birthday, 3rd-from art class for basic fine arts, 4th is "Nia" my officemate's niece
Below left to right 1st eyes- i love eyes!,2nd-one of my first face sketch, 3rd tulip-favorite flower-this one is gone Kuya Ron misplaced it now it's nowhere to find!last orchid using chalk pastel and oil.

More arts to come....hopefully!xoxo

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