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3:03 PM

Hello Hong kong!
With lack of sleep, no itinerary, cash flows at airport at last we're here at Hong Kong. We arrive around 9 am, then came at Mongkok 11 am, we'll stay here at Dragon Hostel maybe for a night we still have lots of places to go and spots to visit, not to mention shoopping. The weather is cold here, nice breezy air just like in Baguio, the only difference is there are more buildings, buses and chinese. hehe

to be continue..

1st day!
Ladies market, endless shopping and walk. Lost ways every time we plan to go back to the inn. There's a breadtalk counter part here post the name soon. It's weird that everytime my cousin bid price she always get what she wants. She already bought 3 outfits with boots and socks, pasalubong, etc. Looking forward on the 2nd day!

Back from Hong Kong..
It's been 3 nights and 4 days since we went to Hong Kong, we left the airport 10 then came at Clark by 11:45. Mama and my Titas came late because of petty problems about the car but anyways by noon we ate our lunch, show them our pictures then leave by 3:30 pm going to Cavite. It's been a busy day, earlier we are frigging cold in Mong Kok later we're sweating hot in Pampanga. How small the world could be!

Our unplanned itineraries:

1st day: Arrived at the Clark Int. Airport 4:30 - the gate is still close, we're too early, it's probably the 1st flight that day.
Eat some patties then wait for 3 more hours for the flight around 7 am.
onboard on time and arrived in Hong Kong around 9 am. Airport is so Big, we found ourselves getting all the maps and magazines even if it's in chinese.
Next we locate the A21 Bus going to Mong Kok , the driver is really nice he did wait us to buy the ticket, they don't give change for your bills, you need to pay the exact amount.
The scene is great! the long bridge connecting from Lantau to Kowloon.
We just been 1 hour in HK but found ourselves lost going to the Hostel..

Count it as Lost 1

Came at Dragon by 11, stanley was there, we wait 1 hour more for our room is not yet ready..but when they gave us our room it turned out to be a family room..hmm is it a complimentary or they just lack room and double room is not available?!

Btw we bought our favorite bread in Taipan-breadtalk counterpart, yummy!

After checkin in, rest for a while then explore Mong Kok where the ladies market is located, (we step out at Jade market) then spent the night walking around, looking for some goods and bargaining. My cousin has her charm so they gave her lots of discounts.

Going back to Dragon we are lost again Lost no. 2!

the misadventure continues....

it's a small city but why are we always lost??

enjoying Taipan bread while strolling around

we ate lunch at the spaghetti house!

double deck bus and nice car

sunset view at the harbor

more of my post here

Next destination??? Annyeong haseyo!

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