NARS! Orgasm+Hong Kong Trip=oh no!

12:58 AM

Yup! the spell of loving this blush was casted on me. After reading tons of reviews about this blush I also gave in.

I've purchased it at Faces in Harbour City Mall, Hong Kong. After trying it... awww i fell in love..hahaha

- has gold shimmer
- You really need to use a good brush as it tends to powder easily
- Peachy pink color
- rubbery texture of cover

I like the color.. we came back at the mall to purchase it, I even ask the saleslady to try it on me (even if I already tried it the other day) just to make sure if it really looks good on me. To be honest it's one of the most expensive purchases I had.. uber splurge. I did think not twice but countless times before buying it. Besides it will last me xx months maybe year until it runs out..

Hong Kong-one word to describe = "Adventure"

To summarize our mis"adventures":
-we're always lost providing we have all the maps and guides
-i think i lost some pounds when we're here, I only ate rice once for 4 days and 3 nights, most of the time we eat noodles and bread, once we had pasta and chicken at Spaghetti house the rest are noodles and bread at Taipan (miss Taipan good thing we have breadtalk here)

ice tea and chicken wings below

At McDonald's

Disney Starliner fries

Butter Loaf

-My cousin and I took a lot, LOTS of pictures, this is where we spent most of our time taking pictures, she had her D300 at hand and a fujifilm on me
-We enjoy riding the double decker bus and the MTR, haha now we know where are the bus's really confusing if you're used to "keep right" rather than "keep left"
-we're mistaken as locals/chinese there by guess who? A Filipino too!
-we only slept 4-5 hours everynight and always tired of endless walks and lost of directions
-My cousin slips twice because of her boots that's why I hold her like an old lady when on escalator and pedxing. The pedxing sound scares me.
- After spending hours and hours of research over the net, we got the cheapest hostel yet clean and safe. Tnx Fan Family - Dragon Hostel. we'll surely recommend your place. It's worth it!

This is just one part of out Misadventure in Hong Kong post the next part soon..
till next post!


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