Pinnacle Spa+Tony and Jackey=Total Makeover

10:38 AM

After breakfast and a visit to my uncle we head straight to Tony and Jackey SM Annex, North edsa for my cousin's haircut, i had my haircut at Freshaire a month a ago, my hair didn't grow as fast as before (I had my hairdresser at David's Kalaw branch, Mike - I always go here because I get what I like and my hair grows fast) so after inquiry on price, she immediately agreed even the promo ended for 300 cut, now it's 500 for female and 300 for male, she said it costs more abroad for a Korean salon.. like 900++ she asked me if I want too.. no hesitation I answered yes.. so there we go..

The salon was always fully booked since this branch was opened.. and because of the promo.. after couple of minutes we had our shampoo and hair dry.. I had my designer "Carl" they gave me a book of hairstyle, I chose layered with sided bangs.. he cut my bangs more than my usual do.. He cuts fast and precise.. well trained.. i knew few Hangul but he efforts to talk Filipino..

I like what my hair turned out.. it looked full but when pony it's thin.. (design not to be pony) I looked younger and cute? my cousins told me it'll look good when curl or iron..

after the cut he iron, blow dry and apply mousse..

before pix, waiting area.. very cozy



i chose this hair style

after pix with my stylist Carl

group pix, assistant said 1, 2 then we have V sign at the same time!

Tada! sparkling cute hair style! do i look in mid 20s??? nah!!!

After haircut we went to Trinoma for late Lunch (waiting for another cousin to arrived) it rained hard that afternoon-well it always rain every afternoon..

Cuz wants an eat-all-you can so I brought them at Kamay Kainan..Filipino food eat all you can for only 265++ with bottomless iced tea.. she enjoyed sea food and other Filipino food..

from sinigang, kare-kare to gulaman for dessert you name it! you'll be full by just looking!

With our preggy full belly we stroll around Trinoma and shop for clothes, clothes for her petite size are hard to find abroad.. so she hoard some...

I insist to buy yogurt ice cream malling isn't complete without ice cream.. I've tried red mango and white hat so when I saw Yoh-Gurt inside a toy store, why not give it a try- ordered the usual blueberry and nuts (wall nuts) and another mango with dried blueberry and almonds both large size with 3 toppings for 150 each..

looking like a kid!

Waiting for beau to fetch us, instead of wasting our time in traffic we head to Pinnacle for a massage.. all year promo 308 pesos each -2 person for 1 and half hour of massage.. we literally went on every clothes store every floors in Trinoma not to mention waking up early as 5:30 am so all tired and wasted.. a massage will surely be relaxing.. not bad for a first timer in Spa-I always had my massage from an elder or reflexology from my aunt.. back hurts the most , i almost fell asleep when she massage my foot and head..

They'll give you a locker, towel and oil, you can choose to take shower and steam bath first we ought not to-it's almost 9 in the evening..boys straight to a dim light room, we're only 4 there at that time.. exactly 1 and half hour of massage with stretching and bone twisting..ah it's like going to a gym of playing bowling for hours..

steal shots- camera not allowed of course!

inside the locker room

Before going to Pinnacle we first visit Pinoy Big Brother house-quick visit and picture taking

group of 4?? 5th the photographer 6th beau's on the wheel big 6 fail!

After the tiring and relaxing massage, beau treat us at Kopi Roti for coffee and sandwich


what do we have?

some set comes with soft-boiled eggs

kopi bun

Kaya Toast

Kopi (coffee)

each order costs 100-120 pesos

We had a goodnight sleep, highly recommended for people who want to have make over, relax and loosen up.. going to a salon is a girl way of pampering herself and having a massage is another one..

Great day great time bonding with my cousins!

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  3. great one! love reading your post.. Had a good time too.. miss yah!

    By the way i took Lovely & my other friend to Korean Salon in Dubai--will show u their pics so u can compare..;)


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