Ilocos Trip: Pagudpod, Laoag and Vigan part 2

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Southbound Trip (Bangui and Burgos Exclusive)
1. Bangui Windmills
2. Bangui View deck
3. Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Time of tour is 6 am but i woke up 4 am.. we are all tired of first tour so as early as 9 pm we're all sleeping like babies.. Tour guide were on time, after having cup noodles and biscuits for breakfast we head right away on our southbound tour..

First stop: Bangui Windmills

I really thought i wouldn't see it up close, we passed it by bus going to Pagudpud having hard time to take some shots..but then tada..we're here!

The scene is perfect for photographers.. even an amateur cam will do the trick.. with a little help of photo editor.. This place is great for people who want to relax, take all their stress out and enjoy! My friends are having a good time doing the jump shots, the sun is on the mood to shine it's rays and gives it's heat.. so we're all tired and sweating specially Budz, who has a total of 5 failed solo attempts!

2nd stop: Kapurpurawan

Not in our itinerary list but we have it added.. ( i dunno if someone from us have heard of it or the tour guide offered it to us)

This place is amazing..another haven for photographers.. but I tell you be careful when going here, be sure you wear thick hiking slippers or shoes or you'll end up slipping on craters with water and algae like me! huhu I got scratches and bumps.. it's a 10 minutes walk to reach this marvelous stone.. it's a natural wonder created by time..

Kapurpurawan view

you'll need to steps in stones to get your way up here, big stones-small stones-sharp stones-round stones all kinds of stones!

3rd stop: Cape Bojeador Lighthouse

Talking about old structures - we were told by the caretaker that it's still working up until last year, haven't fixed yet because the parts haven't arrived yet from Cavite.. good enough we can climb the tower (high voltage area)


having fun photo shoot in hallway...

lighthouse view

We did went to Bangui view deck, same view of Windmills we saw since it's along the highway.

Head back to our resort, need to be out by 12 pm.. We left Pagudpud, 6 pm is the earliest bus going to Manila, we need to stop in Vigan or Laoag so we took the mini bus, with 70 pesos fare we reach Laoag and had our lunch at La Moda (as seen on Vaseline roadtrip) I recommended it to my friends.. I don't get the chance to take some pictures of the food, we're all hungry, we left Pagudpud without having lunch... what do you expect??!!

La Moda, Laoag located near bus stop - we ordered 2 servings of Bagnet, Ampalaya and Famous Pancit Canton - total of 700++ pesos for the 6 of us (with 2 extra rice) definitely affordable! we also bought some canton for pasalubong.. 6pcs. for 200 pesos

Laoag to Vigan - we also ride a bus 100 pesos fare, we stop exactly in the municipality of Vigan, couple of walk to Calle Crisologo

Beauty right? great how they preserved this place... a heritage indeed!
This is where we bought their famous Sukang Ilocos (vinegar), chichacorn (snack made of corn) Longganisang Vigan (sausage) they also have Basil - a wine taste like red wine, and sweets from Marsha's (cassave cake, bibingka, etc.) let me see if i could post some pix..

We ask locals where we could buy and eat the most delicious empanada in town, they refer Irene's few blocks away..

How they make empanada

ready to eat!

All in all the experience was awesome... I will never trade anything for it and I'm hoping to be back now that I know to get there..

Philippines has a lot to offer and this is just of few.. I'm hoping to explore more of this island's beauty and share it with you!


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