Masterpiece out of boredom...

3:19 PM

Thanks to the rotating brownout (no electricity), after a year I finally use my abandon canvas and lost (and found) acrylic paints..After my short course on basic fine arts I seldom paint or draw..I'd rather be on computer or watch TV instead of drawing.. I really had no formal study using acrylic.. in contest oil pastel is always the medium used.. it's quiet hard for me to use acrylic as medium, I tend to not always get the color I want or use the wrong brush.. practice is the only way for this as Kuya Ed said remember the 3Ps... Practice Practice and Practice!

And so I ask my mom to take some pictures while doing the "Art"

Add up some effects..

my grandma while

using natural light, though it's cloudy and raining it's enough for me to see what I'm doing

My masterpiece


Add some effects

what do you think?

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2 critics

  1. I think it's very nice. You have good, creative eyes & hands. :)

  2. thank you!!! hope more in the future!


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