Ilocos Trip: Pagudpod, Laoag and Vigan

8:15 AM

With no Itinerary, no car, no hotel..the trip goes on..a definite adventure but it seems like planned! one group came from Manila and the two of us from Baguio, we met at Pagudpud.. 500+km from 0 km north of Philippines..

It was raining hard when we reach Pagudpod, we first look for hotel, first choice-Villa del mar was fully booked, next is Anton-bit pricey then we inquire on Terra Rika which is beside the second hotel (i found out that these resort hotels are owned by siblings) after some negotiation, we agreed to stay here.. 1st room they showed us was ok.. 1st floor easy access.. next 2nd floor, bigger room..last one is located at the top of the building-5th floor I think-nice view very spacious..but uncomfortable restroom(you can peek inside clear screen) but when the rain start to pour again for 1 hour, the flooring on veranda is filled with water..and it's coming inside the room! that's not good! so we ask to change room again..we end up in Trevally room on 2nd floor (rooms were named after sea creatures) 4,000 pesos for 2 double bed and 2 single bed, enough for the 6 of us..

The Manong tricycle driver that brought us at Terra Rika turns to be a tour guide at the same time, they offered us Northbound and South Bound Tour.. we decided to go for it since we don't have a ride and for first timers at Ilocos Norte, nobody knows where to we agreed on 12 noon for the Northbound Trip and 6 am next day for Southbound Trip..It was hella of an Adventure!!! FUN FUN FUN!!!!

After breakfast(and lunch?) at Terra Rika's seaside grille..we head on our first trip anticipating where to go and what to explore..

Our instant Itinerary

Northbound Tour (Pagudpud Exclusive)
1. Kabigan Falls
2. Patapat Viaduct
3. Agua Grande
4. Paraiso ni Anton
5. Timmangtang Rock
6. Bantay Abot Cave
7. Blue Lagoon
8. Don Hermanos Island

Southbound Trip (Bangui and Burgos Exclusive)
1. Bangui Windmills
2. Bangui Viewdeck
3. Cafe Bojeador Lighthouse

No. 1 on list Kabigan Falls - 1 and half km trekking for 20-30 minutes walk.. that was tiring! but worth it!

30 pesos entrance+tour guide


Kabigan Falls

2. Patapat Viaduct - WoW!

3. Agua Grande-hmmmm...

4. Paraiso ni Anton-refreshing!

5. Timmangtang Rock-kidding lang..funny!

6. Bantay Abot Cave - fun on silhouette shots

7. Blue Lagoon

8. Don Hermanos Island

Last stop the beach! Located near Hanna's Beach resort.. the waves are ..we can't help but to swim even without extra clothes for we call the day off on this last stop living my footprints behind..

To be continue...

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