Fun Photoshoot!

5:52 PM

When my cuz came home from abroad she bring her D300 and some make up home.. with our beautiful niece as our model, have our improvise studio, lighting, background and props- it's a photo session!

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional make up artist nor study on this field. I just love colors and paintings people's faces like art.^^

Make up used:
Make up forever primer (not in picture)
Make up forever liquid foundation HD
Make up forever pen concealer
Givenchy eyeshadow
Mac gel liner
Mac finishing powder
Nars blush on in orgasm
YSL mascara
Mac lipstick
Mac lipgloss

lining her eyebrow! we're eager to shave her eyebrows but she's only 12 y/o-pass!

applying the eyeshadow, pink is her color to keep her young cute style

the most difficult part-using the gel liner!

hair courtesy of cuz-some curls

closer look on her eyes, with white Mac under eye liner

wolahh! she doesn't look like 12!

another pose..

These photos are just some from the hundreds we took... It was a nice experience, we had lots of fun! I wish I could post the behind the scene photos, it's a chaos! I'm looking forward for my next make up and photography session with my cousins.. thanks cuz! see you there!

What do you think???

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1 critics

  1. u did a good job! make up turns very well :)
    I need you here...hehe See you soon!


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