Homemade Cali Maki ala Kimbab!

9:21 PM

California Maki is one of my fave food as well as kimbab, I always wanted to make one.. A friend gives me the idea on how to make it and she gave me a rolling mat. So the wait is over and I just found out all the ingredients are available in the nearest supermarket.. I called it Cali Maki ala kimbab because the ingredients are from Korea and the type of roll is similar to kimbab yet the fillings are for maki. So let the maki-kimbab making begin!

The ingredients:

left to right
carrots (usually for kimbab), cucumber, ripe mangoes


brown rice vinegar

crab stick

rolling mat

Japanese rice

for the dip soy sauce and lemon

- Mix some rice vinegar and salt with rice
- Layered seaweed then rice
- Place crab stick, cucumber, mangoes, carrots horizontally

- Roll it until the seaweed covers all ingredients inside
- Roll the seaweed wrapper until it reach the end part
- Be sure you have equally roll it to have equal shapes of maki

- Using a wet knife cut it half inch to inch depends on the size you want
- You can add Japanese mayo for flavor

Enjoy your Cali Maki ala Kimbab!

After strolling at the mall we decided to have merienda/snack at Chowking, Chinese fastfood and here's what we have..

Wanton noodles

add with chili paste and calamansi

siopao bola bola

Black Gulaman!

Another delicious food to make you drool! Hope you enjoyed reading and looking these picture... Go on try it..

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