Father's day treat!

11:59 AM

A late post and a late celebration, bro day's off on Tuesday. Family enjoyed duck pin at Olympian Bowling Lanes.. We had delicious dinner at Leaf and a stroll at SM.

I'm more of a 10 pin bowler but we don't know if there's any here.. can someone tell me where???

Pa and Marx had good scores

Dinner at Leaf

love this resto-they both cater Japanese and Korean dishes (mostly Korean) you'll enjoy Japanese food with Korean side dishes, why not?!

what's for menu???

sidedishes first!


dunno what it's called, anybody??

sweet potato/yam egg fried

egg mixed with veggies

Bibimbab-thumbs up! 220 pesos

samgyupsal!! - (pork belly) famous Korean food
5 out 5- 200 pesos- most korean resto requires 2 orders of samgyupsal, Leaf resto allows even 1 order.. save our budget!

Pan, thong and scissor for frying and cutting the pork

fry the pork, wrap it inside the lettuce, add some flavor - salt, oil and pepper mix, or add chili paste, add fried onion and garlic- there you go!
no need to put oil, pork's fat is enough to cook it

beef kimbab - 120 pesos


Lee Seung Ki- on poster!

cute cup, i only see it in Korean drama or movie! now I'm using it..

Gun Bae! cheers!

We spent less than 600, for 4 person not bad.. Very often we celebrate father's day because of Pa's schedule.. this day we got to enjoy what family love-bowling and food!

Thank you Pa for being a good provider, being so kind and loving us.. We may not directly say this but we all love you! Stay healthy and handsome..aheeheh..mwah!

Another foggy afternoon..

chilling! it rained afterwards...

Have a safe rainy day!

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  1. Uy, saan yang Leaf? Hehe.

    Lots of love,


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