Ilocos Delicacies

10:32 AM

Ilocanos (Ilocos people) are known for their delicious food, specially vegetables dishes. My father is ilokano so my grandma always cooked us dinengdeng, pinakbet, dishes of malunggay, labong at saluyot with bagoong..

When we arrived at Ilocos first thing I wanna try is their delicacies...

Pinakbet Ilocano style (bagnet not included in picture) at Terra Rika Resort

La Moda Pancit Canton at Laoag City

Irene's special empanada at Vigan City

Vigan Langgonis-Famous for sour and garlic taste (deep fried prefer)


Sukang Ilocos (cane vinegar) you should also try Basil-wine made from sugar cane taste like red wine

Marsha's Delicacies (sweets)

looks yummy right? definitely!

Enough to make you drool! lol
Have a great weekend!

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1 critics

  1. I'm familiar with their delicacy as my Mom is Ilocana too. I grew up eating Ilocano dishes like diningding and pinakbet everyday of my life when I was a kid. Ilocanos have salty taste buds, no?

    Lots of love,


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