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I love flowers... most of women do. specially when given by someone special.. I love it when someone surprise me with them but it turns out most of the time they're just forced to be given because I just like it. Hate it when they think that way.. If you don't want to give them then don't.. It does not matter how expensive or whether it's free, the surprise and awww feeling is what really made me love them. I adore their colors, smell and the beauty I see in them.

When passing a flower shop I always look on their long stems roses... my officemate once have it from his beau (anniversary) I wish I had one too..oh well..I got a shirt anyway..

so here's some of my drawings..

orchid using chalk pastel and water=watercolor

oil pastel


I have lots of dried and fake flowers here, none of them were fresh.. hoping....

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