Art Class+classmates=friends

5:38 PM

It's our 2nd Saturday for Basic Fine Arts class, the instructor as usual was late again, good thing there's Ka Ryan (again) to entertain us, but not just to keep us away from the boredom but to draw instead of waiting. He lets us draw any of the 3 pictures he posted on the board, I chose this one.

bird with flowers, the actual picture is colored so it is hard to draw it in black and white

The next activity is to create our own shirt design:

We need to explain it for 15 seconds so I just said it's Day and Night that's it! Hmmm..might want to try it on shirt..

I got to meet Prince, Ice, Maila and Kuya Wilson...some of my classmate I've talked to. Looking forward to our next meeting..Oh! we did have assignments...haay estyudyante na

On the other side:

Earlier I did my mom makeup..

I did her eyeshadow which she didn't like at first so I need to remove some on the upper lid.

And here's my pasalubong from my cousin luzelle

Editor's pick (2nd set)

mini glosses cute and smells delicious!

lip gloss swatches

Beverly hills perfume by Giorgio
Thanks uz..mwah hugs and kisses!

Prize from mhean of moiheartsmakeup..thanks po..

Arts and makeup sounds interesting huh? My palette are make ups and my canvass?? my mom's face...hahahaha

Glad I found new friends today and delighted to see my works posted here..

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