Not my typical vacation trip!

10:46 AM

Sunday off for Nueva Ecija to visit my school and get some requirements, it's been 6 years since I've been there.. some of the instructors are my batchmates, if we're still residing there I may be an instructor as well. We visit our former neighbors and adopted us for 1 day.. they're like our extended family, who helped us when we're still there.. so generous people, pure and loving.

on our way to Nueva Ecija, Naguillan Road (an accident happened yesterday on this road)

the view is breath taking... good thing it's not raining!

Nueva Ecija Farm, smell the fresh air

Apong Gundi and Apong Ando, my lolo and lola by heart

on our way return to Baguio, fog is on the road

We also visited some relatives at Pampanga, part of fixing my requirements at San Fernando.. I made my aunt Kimbap! she ate 1 whole piece (7 cut pcs) in one sitting and she loves it!

lastly haul bought on SM Clark, since there's no Face shop here...

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