Kotex iKnowMovement!

2:26 PM

I've been a Kotex user eversince..and with the new product they've launched and even gave samples, there's new addition to use..

Recently I've added their facebook account and had their daily contest, discussion contest both for you and your bff and the good news-not only you gain information about PMS, period, etc. you can also win prizes..

For the 5th contest I'm chosen as the day's pick winner.. and they had our pictures posted with a crown..

my profile complements the crown.. like a beauty queen..

my prize: make up bag..
after some issue with DHL's custom payment, IknowMovement settled it.. and now I'm just waiting to get my hands on this bag

Their newest product Kotex luxe-thought it was too expensive but not!
see and try for yourself..


package arrived yesterday.. the deliver man tells me that the payment was waived which I already know why..

they even sent me some samples... thanks again Kotex and iKnowMovement!

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