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9:31 PM

Mail arrived today from post office saying there's a parcel and I need to pay 40 pesos or 1 US dollar and since my parents will go on grocery I let them get it for me.. Oh! another sample from cellnique.. Before it arrived directly to our door but now I need to pay for "Custom Declaration" and get it from post office. So here's what they sent me..

fit in a mail

3g of Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion

Cellnique says

Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion


Specially designed to repair damaged cells and promote healing process, this formulation protects all skin types including sensitive skin from environment aggressions and provides relief to dry and dehydrated skin conditions.


Repairs damaged cells and promotes healing process
Replenishes moisture and soften skin
Antioxidant and whitening agent
Anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory

Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion Texture
Color: Yellowish white
Scent: Mild characteristic
Texture: Creamy type
Feeling: Refreshing and non-greasy

Here's what I received last June.

Skin Action Sebum Gel


This is a phyto bio-engineering formulation gel for all skin types to reduce both blackheads and whiteheads on affected skin area without painful extraction. This daily maintenance gel also reduces sebum secretion, leaving the skin clear and producing smooth visible results within 10 days of application.


Controls excessive sebum
Reduces the formation of blackheads and whiteheads
Reduces skin inflammatory
Controls and prevents breakouts
Increases skin moistures and improves skin elasticity

Skin Action Sebum Gel Texture
Color: Slightly hazy
Scent: Peppermint
Texture: Thick fluid type
Feeling: Cooling and refreshing

The verdict?

-It did soften my skin, I only put it on my nose and skin around it since I only have little amount to try on.
-Minimize pores? didn't notice much difference
-lessens white/blackheads? I think it did prevent it but not noticeable
-It did not cause break outs
-Easy to apply
-When applied, it doesn't make your skin oily, it has matte finish

I think I need to use a larger bottle to really see the difference.. I will try the Vital Cellular Repair Emulsion and will see if it works..

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  1. I reviewed some Cellnique products a while ago, different from these. I thought they were good, but waaaaaaay over my budget!


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