Nichido Waterproof Eyeliner

9:41 AM

I often use eyeliner, you can always see me involuntarily rubbing my eyes so anything in it will smudge or fade away unless I'm fully conscious about my make up. I saw some videos in smokey eye tutorial and one thing she used was eyeliner. I sometimes do my mom's makeup so I wanna buy her an inexpensive but quality eyeliner. I found this at Watson.

Nichido Mineral Kohl Pencil in Onyx
water resistant - made in Czech??
mfg date is indicated

without flash

with flash using micro effects on cam (you can really see the lines of my skin)

rubbing it- it's gone! but as for the waterproof factor, 8 out 10 rating

It smudge under my eye when I used it, again I did rub my eye with a hanky, but my mom said it's ok when she used it. It doesn't smudge, it's a matter of right way of wiping your eyes..nyehehe

Thumbs up for:
Price: 138.00 very cheap
Smooth to apply
It looks even when properly applied

Only one color available, others are not H20 resistant
easily fades when rub

I'm eyeing for the white eyeliner of Nichido- it's like Mac eyeliner I've tried before minus the price

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