Baguio Flower Float Parade

6:39 PM

This is the much awaited event of the year in Baguio City, Flower Float Parade, where artists, school bands, commercial institutions comes together to compete for the grandest float. We arrived on site before 7 am, parade starts at 8am and again lots of people gathered around, more than yesterday. So without further ado here are some shots I have.

funny one horse poop, so when people walks on it viewers shouted them t*e (poo)


SM tiger



aegis people support

the 3 head lion!



San miguel with Pauline Luna

M. Lhuillier


north express tollway moving??lol

PNP - one of the gorgeous float we've seen

I finally discover how to put watermark easily on my pictures! I have the software for ages!
That's it hope you enjoyed the pictures as much as I did!
How's your weekend??

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