Baguio Food Trip: 50's Diner

3:12 PM

Remember the list I post before?

1. Baguio COuntry Club and Honey in the rock!!
2. Mark & Jeff resto
3. Vizcos good fud, good cakes
4. Don Hen
5. Sizzling plate
6. 50's diner
7. ung green house sa general luna
8. Good taste
9. cafe by the ruins
10. OMG
11. PNKY
12. volante

No. 6 check!

Last weekend after going to SM, we stop at 50s Diner, along Brent Road.. So what's at stake?

Here's the food we order..

the place is jampack

waiting in line, we decided to eat outside not to wait anymore


strawberry ice cream shake 65 pesos

far left and right mama's kidd with free tea 80 each

classic 50's burger with fries 80 pesos -big as my hand, good for 2 person not so voracious eater

guys on the hood- with pizza, toasted bread, veggies, spag, chicken and pork yummy!

last to match the 50's diner color, pink polish for my nails...

that's it!! till next Baguio Food trip!

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