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As I read post and reviews on Human ♥ Nature products, i think i should give it a try, I've read lots of good reviews so I made my order last Friday on their site and it arrived today, exactly 2 working days.. I only buy few, just to try the product first.. so here's what i ordered:

Strengthening Shampoo - Pearl Powder & Aloe Vera

Strengthening Shampoo - Pearl Powder & Aloe Vera
Save your hair before it's gone! Real pearls, one of the strongest creations of the ocean, can help fortify your hair to dramatically reduce hair fall. Makes a great body wash too! Choose from PEPPERMINT (for normal finish) or CUCUMBER (for silky smooth finish).

Nourishing  Conditioner - Mango Butter

Nourishing Conditioner - Mango Butter
Want soft, strong hair like Rapunzel? Mango butter heals and regenerates hair cuticles for soft, touchable hair that won’t break easily. Handy when you’ve got a handsome prince hanging on to your hair! Choose PEPPERMINT or LEMONGRASS for normal finish or MANDARIN or UNSCENTED for silky smooth hair.

Lip Balm -  Bee Propolis & Beeswax with Calendula

Lip Balm - Bee Propolis & Beeswax with Calendula
"The birds and the bees, the flowers and the trees..." Bees, wonderful creatures that provide just about everything our skin needs. All the goodness of bees in this one small pot! Packed with antioxidants, bee propolis protects our lips while beeswax keeps the moisture locked in our lips. This lip balm also contains calendula extract that comes from pot marigolds because it's not only our skin that needs sun protection, but our lips do too. So don't leave home without your moisturizing lip balms bursting with juicy, tropical flavors! Goodbye dry, peeling, chapped lips... hello to super-moisturized, super-kissable lips!

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