Kuya Erwin is back!

2:25 AM

We've visited my cousin Kuya Erwin, he came back to Philippines, with his wife to attend brother in law's wedding...

At Pampanga:

1. Went to SM to buy her mom LCD Tv, they go for 32" SANYO
2. Play Wii all day with my niece (although she's quite ill)
3. EAT EAT.. our favorite buro, Pampanga's delicacy, inihaw na tilapia, bangus, and eggplant..
4. Got our Pasalubong
5. Enjoys not wearing jacket and sweating!
6. Kiss my cute nephew Bryan, he's in mood that day!
7. Run for Tom Tom their little dog, barking anytime he sees us
8. got more jackets

spending time with my nieces playing Wii

Went to SM for new flat TV

We spend one night and that's it, head home at night the next day.. so we could sleep in the bus..

Back at home!

My body clock turned around.. I hope it'll be normal again!

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