Panagbenga street dance!

11:54 PM

It's my first time to watch the street dance competition here in Baguio, last year we stayed only 2 days and the parade was schedule a week after. So this time, we left around 7 am, the streets were crowded with people both from locale and others cities. It's important to get a good spot for viewing or else you'll end up tipping toes. So here are some shots i have on the street dance parade.

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--% of the baguio's population are koreans, they also join the parade

women wear hanbok their traditional dress, cute! as i always saw them on korean movies/drama before

very colorful costumes

cute flowers and bees

Mabini Elementary where most of the kids in my neighborhood study

save the best pix for last..woot, they really wear bahag (traditional dress of male igorots, native of baguio)

It's hard to choose what pix i'll post all of them were colorful, too bad I have no guts to take pix with them. After the street parade all the contestants walk their way to the athletic bowl for the competition, we left early because we were standing for hours under the sun so decided to watch it on tv, dunno who wins.. i fell asleep after minutes of watching..tired but fun! see you tomorrow for the float parade.. need to sleep now..babye..

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