50's Diner Part 2+mini mask review

10:57 PM

So my brother has moved in here, I urge them to eat again at 50's diners since it's on our way home so this time I tried their 50's style clubhouse. Now we got to seat inside, still the resto was jampacked.. we waited 10 minutes to have our seats, not bad at least we didn't eat outside it's freaking cold!

pink jukebox, dunno if it's working but it looks cool..right for the theme

some wall design, they also have pictures of old hollywood stars on frames

pink lights.. also the music is 50s

our orders: mama's kidd, 50's burger and clubhouse

look how huge my clubhouse! big as my hand.. I only ate half of it!

Purederm Grape yogurt pack

First clean your face, apply mask, except eyes and mouth.. wait for 5 minutes then rinse with warm water..

After rinsing it, my face feel soft, feel fresh and the mask smells good-grape flavored candy. For 29.75 pesos it's a steal!

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