thescribbleproject-zashi's version

1:40 AM

saw this blog and decided to make my own version.. it's fun! it's like doodle with a twist, i doodle when I'm bored, when listening to my teacher (before) or boss or a speaker, when I'm watching Tv or surfing the net.. so when I encounter this site, did't hesitate to make one.

The site is not only for artist but for everybody as Lisa says "everyone attacks the same scribble sheet but no two sheets ever finish up alike."

Correct! You'll be fascinated when you see different works knowing that it all came from the same pattern..This brings out people's creativity and even emotions. In my case memories and mood, I may not say what I feel but you could get a sense of it thru my scribble..

Hope to do another in the future! Thanks Lisa for letting me show my creativity on your blog.

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