Tam-awan Village and more!

12:10 AM

Finally I visited Tam-awan. Located in Pinsao Proper, 15-20 minutes taxi ride which costs 60-70 pesos. Entrance fee 50pesos adult. It was raining that day so we don't get to explore all the areas of the village, we need to walk on slippery rocks and muddy grounds if we want to see more, we just took few pictures, stay in an open nipa hut for a while and ate Cali Maki which I made that morning.

Inside there's a restaurant, old igorot houses and a section for on the spot face sketch..

mini pond upon entering

inside of one of the old houses

this is how slippery on the way up

some sculptures

stone sculptures

i bought him cake from Viscoz

maki! (and samgyupsal eaten on lunch)

we had our lunch at SM, we heard some commotion in activity area-Pasta Festival-free pasta from diff sponsors.. we're full already too late for a free pasta..

Next day a tour around the City-Mansion House, Wright Park and Botanical Garden

sunflower...i mean SUNFLOWER!

Lunch at 50's diner.. 5 of us ate costs only 600++ 2 order of She, 1 Guys on the hood, 1 Mamma's kid, 3 rice , 2 strawberry shake..
(did't include the pix I know you're used to it already see my previous post)

Short tour but fun..hope to be with him next time...

It's September 7 already whew!

20 days to go!

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