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Another site for people who loves to doodle!

I read an email asking me if I wanna join their contest.. the first challenge is to doodle something on a napkin! since I love making and eating kimbap, gimbab, kimbab or whatever you want to call it, i doodle it and add some spices!literally..with soy sauce and wasabi!hehe

As I've said on my previous post aside from sketch I also love to doodle.. it's like my outlet from boredom, if I feel stressed or in idle mode.. see some of my doodle!

eyes - one of my favorite thing to draw

my eye

i need to make a mask!details are random thoughts!

some kind of witch craft???

love story!hehe

sometimes i dream of having these...

who is she?? someone like from ancient times??or prehistoric era???

my fashion.. from yesterday and today


Do you also doodle??

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