Happy Birthday Zashiq5!

12:00 AM

생일 축하 합니다
생일 축하 합니다
사랑하는 엠비
생일 축하 합니다

Today marks my 27th birthday! 27 on 27! I miss having parties with bunch of friends..I know anywhere I live I always find friends who are true, thoughtful and loving.. sometimes it's difficult to get attached on something knowing it's temporary but with friends like that it's all worth it!

In lieu for having a small party at my place, we'll go out instead..

Tumblr is my other niche in the cyberworld, it's fun to play around with this site's features.. one of them is taking photo from webcam.. so I decided to make my own countdown.. down to 5 I took my own pix with it!





Also shoutout to the wonderful people who are celebrating as well:
- Apong Gundi
- Kuya Erwin
- Cecil
- Nyzelle

Happy Birthday to us!

Indulge with yogurt ice cream.. blueberry with cashew nuts

gift from beau

1st cake

2nd cake

celebration via skype with friends

Thank you for my family, relatives and friends... thanks for the greetings! Cheers!

Saranghe! 사랑해

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