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this is new addition for my Cali Maki, counterpart of Japanese Mayo.. 160++ quite expensive compared to ordinary mayo

Products to try:

Olay Natural White-serves as my moisturizer/sunblock/whitening price:79++

On Olay Natural White:
-non-greasy formula (right in cold weather not sure if it's hot)
-triple nutrient, vit B3, pro-B5 and E
-with sunscreen ing..

I've read about this product from other blog.. I saw the crystal version, it's literally Alum.. I chose this spray for convenience..price:119++

On Deonat Mineral Deo Spray:
-no perfume
-no Aluminum Chlorohydrate (hmm can someone tell me the difference w/o this?)
-ideal for sensitive skin

I'm not really a deo user..anti bacterial soap is enough but in case I need one, currently using Rexona Sunflower but there's no effect as it states on commercial..(hmp!commercial)


create my own version of egg sandwich

even though the weather is cold, i still eat ice cream..warning!tonsillitis prone!
One of the cheapest but delicious ice cream- Ice Cream Store, I found this along Magsaysay Road..

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