Welcome September!

2:14 AM

As much as I like September because it's my birth month I often want to sing Wake me up when September ends... A lot of things happened during this month for the past years... like Milenyo and Ondoy..I always remember celebrating my birthday with heavy rains and thunderstorms, things happened on this month are mostly tragedies.

Another saddest thing happened on first week of this month last year was the wake of our leader, Brother Eraño G. Manalo..now we are remembering his death, I can't help to tear when watching his interment.. and I'm one of the people who line up just to see him for the last time.. I will not forget those experience that though you're tired from night-long wakefulness and hungry.. it's all gone when at last I saw him.. very peaceful..


Ka Erdy will always be in my heart, my family's and in all the brethren all over the world..
We'll surely miss him but his deeds and works will continue to go on..

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