SM Megamall 3 days sale!

9:33 PM

With or without companion I still went to SM to see what at stake. Clothes, cosmetics, shoes, etc. are on sale 10-50% off. I saw my favorite brand of handkerchief , caruso 10% off..expect long lines to the counter, the middle area at ground floor(or 1st floor) is too crowded because of clothes and shoes on sale. After an hour of strolling I meet my bro then went to watson, eat at French Baker, bought facial mask and lip gloss at Face shop (50% off), buy some ice cream then came home are the pix..

my face shop haul, 50% off

antique pink for only 177.50

mask sheet for 50 pesos only


free soap!

dept haul, caruso hankies and beer shampoo

beer shampoo 10% off

watson haul, strawberry lipbalm, garnier mask and whitening cream

garnier cream says~~

oh, better luck next tym..

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