Garnier Brightening Eye Roll-on

9:19 PM

Another eye product to test since I've noticed my under eye is getting darker, I think it's time to take care of it and give this product a try. I've used eye cream before from HBC, cucumber eye cream, it has cooling effect but doesn't give much difference.

The packaging with pooh, lol

palm size

Product says:

Roll-on close up

Moi eyes day 0-with redness and dark circles, can it be done in 14 to 28 days??

This is just my eye make up experiment, with black glittery eyeshadow, brown, violet, gold and peach. I'm thinking of doing a smoky eye effect, not sure if I'm able to achieve it.

add with mascara

notice there's no eyeliner on the lower part of the eye, I don't know how to put it and it's uncomfortable. If only I have the bare escentual liner that I used last year on my birthday it would be easier.

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