Another Typhoon!

4:50 PM

Philippines hasn't recover yet from Ondoy then here another Typhoon Pepeng is coming.. Previous news said it'll be a super typhoon and it will hit the northern part of Luzon!

Vacation means help your Mom do the house chores, so me and my brother change the linoleum and yesterday I did the laundry. Doing the household chores is tiring, being thankful for what your mom always do, she's telling me how to do this and to do that, reminding me that soon Ill do things when I get married, I jokingly say that's why I don't want to get married. Oh well I'll get used to it

Even if it's raining I'm craving for ice cream! I'm drooling for it yesterday after the tiresome laundry..

*** As of now, it's raining hard outside good thing I didn't go on my plan to the mall..

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