personalize gift+les' treat=fun!

2:00 AM

Last feb 10 LA celebrated his 25 bday, because of his busy sked his treat was moved yesterday..
First stop at The Old spaghetti house, last time I ordered pesto with grilled chicken, pesto? hmm.. not a fan so I tried their scrumptious Lasagna, together with their pizza and tea we all fed our tummy full.

Next stop: Timezone 2nd floor - Ever wonder what will happen after eating and then playing the dance revo? ask LA.. stomach ache.. play basketball, then dance revo again , play car race, then dance revo again, sing in videoke, lastly dance revo again..wheew..tiring but fun..

Last time they gave JC a card for his birthday, this time I thought of giving LA also a card but a personalized one..


with birthday boy

gay and darrenJC and karryl


moi and dward

Thanks again les... I had fun tonight, did you? till next birthday..
advance happy birthday to my cousin luzelle, bro marx and gay

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