3rd meeting+nails=busy?

2:07 PM

We started using acrylic last session, we're inspired by our guest speaker, Kuya Bal and he gave us lots of tips and chikas about his experience as a painter. Actually he's an architect, he worked abroad as Architect but still end up doing what his heart loves to do which is painting. He's indeed correct as long as you have the passion, you're serious in arts (drawing/painting) and you're happy with what you're doing then so be it.. .Painting for him is "One percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration." He also told us that he started it as a hobby but now it's an extra income for him..

Some of the paintings we've done:

this is my humble painting, it's my work so if it looks flawed for you, i wouldn't mind, there's more to come!

this one was created by my classmate who's really professional in painting, he just need the certificate that's why..hmm


fruit! a tomato!

buildings and sea.. guess where it is?? HK!!

Like him, I was told to take my course because of the belief that there's no money in fine arts so I followed them though I can practice and impart my talents with my course, still it's much different.

As for now I'm taking little steps to my dream and see where it will lead me.

In my spare time which is everyday, I do my mom's nails, I also play with polish and discover new designs..

mom's nails

my nails with cute stars..nyhahaha it's purple with yellow polish and violet stars

goth! nice!!

That's it! I have a lot of things to do this week hope to finish them all.. post them when I'm done!


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