2:32 PM

here's the sketches and painting I did last week

using fan brush and slanting brush

Banana Tree - sketch during extra session last Monday

School was on holiday that time so there was a little commotion with the security guards.. that's the problem with lack of coordination and procastination! diba kuya ron??!!

Shading using 8b pencil

My classmate/art teacher "Ed" taught us how to do eyes and head view direction - isn't he good???!

Here's another Nail art for my mom

3 red dots and green line=flower , pink base and purple slanting half part

Since i've started blogging 2005 i think, one of my first post is on wanting to have a dessert treat's glosses, after 4 years see what i got! a bunch of glosses and lipstick! yay talking about addictions!

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