Art of the week: Rawr! Tiger+Gourmet's Refresher Resto

9:57 PM

As you notice I'm practicing animals drawing for the past few weeks.. I often draw them, thinking that it's hard or it will look animated. Another animal I chose is tiger..

it took me 2 days to decide whether to use pencil color or oil pastel

I used oil pastel instead..

it turns out well, I never thought I could get the color of the tiger, I experimented the browns, oranges and yellows

not bad ei?

Gourmet's Refresher

My cousin search for a place to eat near Tagaytay and found this site.. Located at Km. 52 Aguinaldo Highway, Lalaan II, Silang, Cavite. The place is not hard to find since it's along highway and there's a huge sign oustide..

We had a tour first of the farm, planted are different types of herbs, lettuce, tomato, etc.

Called:Celebration by Sharon-collection of herbs named after the Mega Star Sharon Cuneta


Refreshers resto

Pizza Chef-550

Signature Lemonade-85 this is one of the best lemonade I've tasted, very fresh!

salad side dish for Pasta

Puttanesca - 320

They have a store inside the resto, they sell tea, coffee, fruits, veggies, pasta sauce, salad dressing, etc.

Healthy cookies made from veggies

huge tomato!

veggies area

Pinoy kind of Tea!


of course what's a delicious lunch without a dessert! O my yogurt at SM Dasma, a self service yogurt station

I got strawberry-kiwi-vanilla flavored yogurt topped with kiwi, blueberry, cashew and almonds!

This one is not included on Refreshers post, I just want to share my second experience on Durian, I never really like the first time I ate it.. the smell was awful and it stayed on my stomach for a while, but this one is different maybe because the fruit is still inside the shell. It doesn't smell as pungent and it tastes like milk..

Sunset greet us when going home, what a nice way to end my short vacation..

Thanks Cuz.. love you!

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