Art of the week: Happy Birthday Mama!

8:11 PM

It's her 53rd Birthday, I waited 12 midnight to 21 to kiss her and greet Happy Birthday, she was sleeping that time.. then I decided to make my gift, she requested me to make her another face sketch, I made one last time but it's from their wedding picture, she wants the latest.

here's the final output.. she likes it very much.. my brother is away so he made a video compilation of her pictures with thoughtful music and it made her cry.. awww.. touched!

We had a simple dinner at David's Tea, Chinese Restaurant located at SM Baguio..

Ambiance is simple, place is full coz it's holiday

We were greeted with Tea- it's warm and refreshing

soy sauce pot is so cute

We didn't order much, since that afternoon we had neighbors came over and brought ice cream and mom made tuna sandwich..

Wanton Noodles - 140 good for 2 heavy eater..

Sweet and Sour Pork-220

Yang Chow fried Rice - 190

her delicious strawberry cake from Viscoz

There's a display of Noah's ark at the Activity Center..

some of them are moving

looks real!

Happy 53rd Birthday to the friendliest person, most thoughtful to her friends, the lady who possess the prettiest smile, loving and caring wife and mom, my bestfriend...
We love you MA mwah!

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